[CES2024] Samsung introduces AI home companion robot 'Ballie'

By Park Sae-jin Posted : January 9, 2024, 15:51 Updated : January 9, 2024, 15:51
Courtesy of Samsung Electronics
[Courtesy of Samsung Electronics]

LAS VEGAS -- The dream of sci-fi fans about having their own helper droids is just around the corner. At the Consumer Electronics Show, the world's biggest annual electronics exhibition held in Las Vegas, Samsung Electronics has introduced "Ballie," an artificial intelligence-based home companion robot, that would help its master with chores around the house and loyally protect the home when human masters are not around.

Ballie was first showcased at CES 2020 and the home butler robot introduced at this year's electronics show is the revamped version with new advanced features to make its human companions' lives much easier. Samsung unveiled the home companion bot during a pre-event press conference held on January 8 (local time). The main exhibition starts on January 9 and ends on January 12.

According to the South Korean tech giant, Ballie shaped like a ball, just as its name states, autonomously drives around a house to complete various tasks. It can connect to smart home appliances to manage them and learn from its masters' living patterns and habits to provide smarter and more personalized services.

Ballie can send video clips and snapshots of pets or family members to human companions who are away from home. It can detect the activity of its masters to see if they are exercising, working, or relaxing. It can project workout video clips onto the wall or floor, play music, and answer phone calls.
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