[CES2024] Samsung and Harman introduce future of next-generation vehicles

By Park Sae-jin Posted : January 10, 2024, 15:55 Updated : January 10, 2024, 15:55
Courtesy of Samsung Electronics
[Courtesy of Samsung Electronics]

LAS VEGAS -- Samsung Electronics and Harman, the audio and electric parts wing of Samsung, has introduced new vehicle-centric customer experience at the Consumer Electronics Show, the world's largest annual electronics exhibition held in Las Vegas, to present visitors with a vision for the future of next-generation vehicles.

Samsung acquired Harman in 2017 in a bid to beef up the company's connected car capabilities. "Digital Cockpit" is an integrated infotainment system of digital displays, information, and services that enable smarter interactions, improved safety, and security, according to Harman.

The first recreation of Digital Cockpit was showcased through CES 2019 and Harman has continuously upgraded its autonomous vehicle infotainment system platform, diversifying lineups that range from entry-level to premium luxury cars. Harman acquired Roon, an American audio platform specializing in connectivity and streaming technology, in November 2023 to strengthen the company's connectivity capabilities.

Harman showcased a Digital Cockpit product called "Ready Upgrade" on January 9 (local time) at CES 2024. The product allows connected car owners to upgrade the software and hardware of their vehicles. Through the one-touch upgrade feature, future car drivers can continuously upgrade their cars as if they had just purchased a vehicle with totally different features.

The company also introduced "Ready Vision," a head-up display (HUD) device that uses Samsung's Neo QLED display to project information onto the bottom part of the windshield. The HUD device projects navigation data and real-time information about the road ahead including the current driving speed and upcoming on-road obstacles such as speed bumps. Drivers can easily receive information without taking their eyes off the road while driving.

"Ready Care" is an artificial intelligence-based safety support solution that will monitor the status of drivers and intervene if needed. The solution can detect when a driver is distracted and send a signal to have him or her pay attention to the road again. It will also try to change the driving environment by controlling the air conditioning, ambient lights, and sounds, and sending out warning messages.

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