Online apparel shopping mall operator to make foray into offline department stores and shopping complexes

By Park Sae-jin Posted : February 11, 2024, 14:19 Updated : February 14, 2024, 09:34
Courtesy of Musinsa
[Courtesy of Musinsa]

SEOUL -- Musinsa, a leading South Korean online apparel store operator, has announced its expansion into offline retail as part of its strategic growth plans. The move aims to position the company for increased competition in the fashion industry, particularly against other affordable clothing brands, including sub-labels operated by major clothing companies.

Established in 2003 as a small online fashion community, Musinsa has since evolved into a popular online shopping mall, gaining recognition for its blend of affordability and fashion-forward items. One of its key strategies for success has been its policy of offering significant shopping benefits to customers who upload product reviews, including photographs, effectively driving consumer engagement and fueling growth.

In 2019, Musinsa achieved a remarkable milestone by attaining the status of South Korea's tenth online startup unicorn, with a valuation of $1 billion. This achievement was further solidified by a $2 billion investment from Sequoia Capital, an American venture capital firm, through Series A funding, cementing Musinsa's position as a unicorn enterprise.

According to fashion industry officials, Musinsa is preparing to open at least five Musinsa Standard offlise stores in mega-sized shopping malls and department stores located in the metropolitan area by the end of 2024. Musinsa Standard is the fashion retrailor's self-developed brand designed to attract consumers who look for affordable and trendy fashion items.

The planned offline stores in Seoul and its surrounding areas are part of the company's expansion beyond the online realm, Musinsa ventured into physical retail with the opening of its first offline store in 2021 in Hongdae, a vibrant cultural hub in western Seoul renowned for its music and trendy atmosphere. This move signaled Musinsa's intention to connect with consumers in a more tangible way and increase brand visibility in key urban centers.

Following this, Musinsa made strategic acquisitions to bolster its presence and appeal to a broader audience. In a bid to attract young female customers, the company acquired Styleshare, a domestic online fashion portal, just a month after opening its offline store in Hongdae. This acquisition not only expanded Musinsa's customer base but also strengthened its position in the competitive online fashion market.

In 2022, Musinsa continued its expansion into offline retail by opening another store, this time in Gangnam, Seoul's upscale southern district known for its affluent lifestyle and global cultural impact. By strategically selecting locations with high foot traffic and cultural significance, Musinsa aims to maximize its brand exposure and attract a diverse range of customers.
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