Hanwha Ocean condemns data leak regarding Navy destroyer project

By Na Jeongju Posted : March 5, 2024, 14:01 Updated : March 5, 2024, 16:20
Miniatures of future Navy destroyers Courtesy of Hanwha Ocean
Miniatures of future Navy destroyers [Courtesy of Hanwha Ocean]
SEOUL -- Hanwha Ocean has strongly condemned the leak of confidential information related to the KDDX, a multi-billion-dollar project to build a new generation of destroyers for the South Korean Navy, by HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, calling it a “serious criminal act.”

The company also criticized the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA)'s decision not to restrict HD Hyundai Heavy Industries’ participation in the KDDX project bidding, despite the company's involvement in the illegal leak.

“It is deeply concerning that no corresponding measures were taken even after a serious security incident occurred where military secrets were illegally obtained and stored on an unauthorized server,” said Koo Seung-mo, a lawyer representing Hanwha Ocean, said during a press conference in Seoul, March 5.

"We decided to hold this press conference to ensure that such illegal acts do not happen again and to secure fairness and justice in the defense industry.”

In November last year, several HD Hyundai Heavy Industries employees were found guilty of violating the Military Secrets Protection Act by illegally obtaining military secrets related to the KDDX project and sharing them through the company's internal network.

Despite the court ruling, DAPA decided not to restrict HD Hyundai Heavy Industries' participation in the KDDX project bidding, stating that there was no evidence of involvement by the company's representatives or executives in the illegal activities.

Hanwha Ocean said it has filed a complaint with the National Police Agency, calling for an investigation into the possible involvement of HD Hyundai Heavy Industries' executives.
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