South Korea shuts major porno website server in Netherlands

By Park Sae-jin Posted : April 7, 2016, 18:22 Updated : April 7, 2016, 18:22

The overseas server run by South Korea's biggest pornography website, Soranet, has been shut down in a joint operation by South Korean and  Dutch authorities, police said Thursday.

Access to Soranet's illegal server in the Netherlands has been cut,  police said, adding they were investigating 62 people including Soranet operators,
prostitution and gambling industry advertisers, gamblers, and others accused of uploading pornographic content to the site.

Soranet has an estimated one million members who have uploaded and shared pornography, raking in some 10 billion won (8.7 million US dollars) since it was launched in 1999.

Authorities blocked the website's domain in 2004, but operators have frequently changed their web address, using differnet servers abroad, in a cat-and-mouse game. In March, the main server moved to Europe.

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