Samsung introduces world's first LED cinema screen with Harman speakers

By 박세진 Posted : July 13, 2017, 13:53 Updated : July 13, 2017, 14:41

[Courtesy of Samsung]

Samsung Electronics will operate the world's first commercial LED cinema screen this weekend, backed by powerful state-of-the-art speaker technologies from the subsidiary of US-based Harman International, a major connected technology and lifestyle audio solution company.

Without disclosing prices, Samsung described its technology as a game changer in the global market, vowing to install LED screens at up to 10 percent of global theaters by 2020. The LED theater provides vivid color, a good audio system and comfortable chairs to audiences without using a traditional projector for the first time in cinema history.

It was Samsung's first project to use Harman technologies since it was acquired by the world's largest smartphone maker this year. The screen was installed at a theater inside Lotte World Tower, the country's tallest building in southern Seoul.

"Our Cinema LED Screen makes viewers feel as if they are part of the picture," Samsung said in a statement, adding the 10.3 meters wide LED screen provides ultra-sharp 4K resolution and is about 10 times brighter than that of standard projector screens.

The speaker system was from Harman's subsidiary JBL. Brian Divine, president of Harman's Cinema Solutions, stated earlier this year that the system would help Samsung expand its business into the cinema industry. Samsung said JBL's Sculpted Surround System would produce "an unparalleled sight and sound experience".

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