S&T Motiv develops new rifle barrel and heat cover using patented steel alloys

By Lim Chang-won Posted : March 25, 2020, 10:40 Updated : March 25, 2020, 10:40

[Courtesy of S&T Motiv]

SEOUL -- S&T Motiv, a leading firearms manufacturer in South Korea, has unveiled new rifle barrel and heat cover using patented steel alloys that improved corrosion resistance and durability by uniformly increasing hardness.

Gunbarrel is rapidly worn during high-speed shooting. Barrel makers work best with specific steel alloys that include types having varying amounts of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, nickel and manganese. New materials include metal-matrix composites, ceramics and metal alloys engineered at the atomic particle level.

S&T Motiv, the producer of K2 and other rifles used widely for South Korean troops, said Wednesday that it has used durable alloy steels for barrel and heat cover to extend the life of rifles and maintain constant gun performance during high-speed shooting.

The heat shield device was developed to prevent the risk of burning during shooting. The company did not disclose types of alloying metals, saying only that its alloy steel-based barrel patent would improve the durability of core components which can be applied to small-caliber firearms in the future.

S&T Motiv has produced firearms that equip most frontline units in South Korea. In February, the company partnered with Poongsan, a domestic ammo company, for the development of a next-generation assault rifle with increased accuracy and destructive power over a long effective range to cope with the enhanced performance of bulletproof clothing.

After the licensed production of Colt's M16A1 ended, South Korea began developing its own firearms. Since it was adopted for service in 1984, the K2 rifle has served South Korean troops with a raft of upgrades. The weapon had an 18.3-inch barrel length and was chambered in 5.56-millimeter, with a maximum effective range of 400 meters, maintaining its reputation for sturdiness.

In the early 2000s, S&T Motiv began upgrading the K2 rifle and developing variants. The lineup of S&T Motiv's firearms includes pistols, assault rifles, automatic grenade launchers, sniper rifles, submachine and machine guns.
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