LG Upus works with Mando to commercialize outdoor self-driving patrol robots

By Lim Chang-won Posted : October 8, 2020, 11:23 Updated : October 8, 2020, 11:23

[Courtesy of Mando]

SEOUL -- Mando, an auto parts maker affiliated with South Korea's Halla Group, joined hands with LG Upus (LGU+), a mobile carrier, for the commercialization of outdoor self-driving patrol robots based on cloud with 5G and mobile edge computing technology. They would link robots with 5G MEC infrastructure and establish an ultra-low delay video control solution and cloud-based robot computing.

5G-based MEC is designed to be implemented at cellular base stations or other edge nodes and enables flexible and rapid deployment of new applications and services for clients. By running applications and performing related processing tasks closer to the cellular customer, network congestion can be reduced and applications perform better.

"We expect 5G communication and MEC technology to further expand the scope of robot utilization and business opportunities," said LGU+'s new business division head Cho Won-seok. In September, LGU+ joined hands with Unmanned Solution, an autonomous driving technology company, to demonstrate a 5G-connected autonomous robot capable of patrolling inside an industrial complex.

South Korean companies have used 5G technologies to develop autonomous robots. An ultra-low latency communication environment will be provided so that robots can make a quick response to various obstacles and unexpected situations and enable smooth communication with control centers. 5G technology enables the effective transmission of large amounts of video and sensor information.
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