LG Innotek develops new high-efficiency ferrite with lowest power loss

By Lim Chang-won Posted : October 14, 2020, 10:47 Updated : October 14, 2020, 10:47

[Courtesy of LG Innotek]

SEOUL -- LG Innotek, the electric component unit of South Korea's LG Group, claimed to have developed a high-efficiency ferrite that has the lowest power loss in the world. For mass-production in the first half of 2021, the company promised to actively push for promotions targeting global electronic companies and automakers.

A ferrite is a ceramic material made by mixing and firing large proportions of iron oxide blended with small proportions of metallic elements. Ferrites are used to change voltage or remove unnecessary signals caused by current waves. They are installed in power modules for TVs and reliably supply power to display panels for TVs, air conditioners and audio for vehicles.

High-efficiency ferrites are drawing attention as a next-generation material due to the miniaturization and high function of electronic products. "It is meaningful that LG Innotek's own method of embedding core materials in a short period of time allows us to reliably supply products of the highest performance and quality to customers," Bae Seok, a senior LG Innotek researcher, said in a statement published on October 14.

Japanese companies have led the global ferrite market. LG Innotek said its product is more competitive as the company adopted simulation techniques based on digital transformation and artificial intelligence in designing while automating the process of obtaining a material composition ratio with a supercomputer to reduces the number and time of experiments and increase accuracy.

The power loss of LG Innotek's ferrite is up to 40 percent less than other products, the company said, adding it can maintain low loss characteristics at temperatures between minus 40°C and 140°C to achieve perfect quality in high-temperature TVs and various driving environments of vehicles. It can reduce the risk of fire to be caused by the overheating of vehicle power.

According to LG Innotek, the high-efficiency ferrite is useful for slim TVs because it can increase the energy efficiency of power modules for TVs by up to 5 percentage points, and also for the light-weighting of electric and hydrogen cars as it can reduce the volume and weight of converters by 10 percent.

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