Aekyung's department store wing opens smart factory shop for tailor-made cosmetics

By Park Sae-jin Posted : April 5, 2021, 09:41 Updated : April 5, 2021, 09:44

[Courtesy of LILYCOVER]

SEOUL -- AK Plaza, the department store wing of South Korea's cosmetics giant Aekyung, has opened a project shop that produces tailor-made cosmetics products to match the skin of customers, using a smart factory-like automated production booth. With some 110,000 sets of skin data, the shop can create personalized beauty products in two minutes.

AK Plaza said in a statement on April 5 that a pop-up store using technology developed by LILYCOVER, a domestic beauty technology company startup, opened in a department store in Seoul's southern satellite city of Seongnam. The cosmetics shop will be run until April 22.

If customers provide detailed information about their skin condition, the booth equipped with a robot arm will create lotions and essence products. The amount manufactured can be used for two weeks. If customers wish to buy more personalized products, they can apply for a subscription program.

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