LG Electronics kicks off promotion campaign with Charlie Puth and Jackson Tisi

By Choi Jin-ho Posted : May 28, 2021, 15:23 Updated : May 28, 2021, 15:23

[Courtesy of LG Electronics]

SEOUL -- American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth and Jackson Tisi, a filmmaker based in New York, joined an international campaign launched by South Korea's LG Electronics to help young people create songs and video content about meaningful memories in life and post them on social media.

LG's "Life's Good" campaign is aimed at giving young people around the world the opportunity to let their creativity and talent shine. For this year's project, the company released a teaser clip for a song created by Puth through YouTube on May 27. Artists who wish to participate can cover Puth's song in their own unique ways and upload video content onto social media.

The project targeting Millennial and Z generations is to end on June 27 when Puth picks the winner. "I can't wait to listen to everyone's submissions and hear their take on the melody and chorus," Puth said in a statement released by LG. "Music has always been a source of healing and empowerment for me, and I know this is going to be a memorable experience for everyone."

Tisi, who won the Gold Award for his short documentary film "Leon" at the "Young Director Award 2020," would produce a movie by editing video clips uploaded by creators. LG said the film project is intended to convey a universal message of hope and celebrate the diversity of experiences and viewpoints of young auteurs through their inspiring, unique stories.

"I believe there’s something profound in our everyday thoughts and the places we go to seek inspiration or solace," Tisi was quoted as saying. "By sharing what we find in our every day, this film will convey a resonating message of what life still holds."
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