Hotel Shilla unveils premium meal kits using fine dining food items

By Lim Chang-won Posted : November 23, 2021, 17:57 Updated : November 23, 2021, 17:57

[Courtesy of Hotel Shilla]

SEOUL -- As food for ordinary people and busy office workers, meal kits or ready-to-eat meal sets that only need to be heated before eating are available at South Korean convenient stores and online stores that provide quick delivery services. Hotel Shilla, a luxury hotel brand run by the sister of Samsung Group's de facto leader Jay Y. Lee, made a gutty experiment that may change the concept of consumers.

With the same ingredients and optimal recipes used in its kitchen for fine dining, Hotel Shilla released three types of premium meal kits -- beef tenderloin steak, Patagonian toothfish steak and Tteok-galbi, a traditional Korean food tantamount to Salisbury steak. The main marketing target is not rich people but young MZ generations.

"It is the first meal kit product released in the name of Hotel Shilla," a Hotel Shilla official said on condition of anonymity. "All products consist of two servings, making it a good option for the busy MZers to easily enjoy high-quality dishes made of healthy ingredients." 

The premium meal kits can be purchased at two outlets directly managed by hotel-related food companies. The beef tenderloin steak meal kit used CAB premium "Black Angus" beef handled by hotels and luxury restaurants, accompanied by Perigueux sauce made of truffle and Madeira wine. The Tteok-galbi meal kit used finely chopped ribs from CAB Black Angus beef, while the Patagonian toothfish steak meal kit is based on carefully selected ingredients served with citrus sauce.

Meal kits have garnered popularity from people of all ages as many avoided crowded places to prevent infection. In an effort to vitalize restaurant businesses struck hard by a COVID-19 pandemic, some hotel operators have sold fine dining menus such as steaks, seafood and foreign cuisines. 

In December 2020, Lotte Hotel, a major hotel franchise based in South Korea, unveiled an elegant full-course hotel meal kit for partyers who cannot regale friends or quests due to social distancing. Customers can pick up the meal through a drive-thru service. The hotel's six-course meal including a starter, soup, seafood, steak, dessert and snacks was introduced.

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