LG CNS develops mathematical optimization algorithms with Fujitsu's quantum-inspired digital annealer

By Lim Chang-won Posted : December 9, 2021, 13:02 Updated : December 9, 2021, 13:02

[Courtesy of LG CNS]

SEOUL -- LG CNS, the information technology wing of South Korea's LG Group, will develop mathematical optimization algorithms based on quantum-inspired digital annealer technology from Fujitsu, an information and communications technology equipment and service corporation in Japan. The combination of mathematical optimization and digital annealer can address problems that could not be solved with supercomputers.

Digital annealer is a quantum-inspired digital technology architecture that can quickly solve complex large-scale combinatorial problems. A key challenge in quantum computing is the requirement to contain the system and keep it free from interference, which can require operation at very low temperatures. The quantum-inspired digital annealer features enormous energy savings with small factor systems running at room temperature. 

Under a memorandum of understanding with the South Korean branch of Fujitsu, LG CNS said it would conduct a mathematical optimization consulting business for customers and discover new businesses. The two companies would cooperate in solving challenges in various industrial fields such as transportation, finance, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry.

"We will continue to discover new quantum digital annealer-based mathematical optimization businesses that solve customer pain points and challenges to prepare for the upcoming quantum computer era," LG CNS Chief Account Officer Kim Hong-geun said in a statement on December 9.

Quantum digital annealer-based mathematical optimization can derive an optimal traffic signal system in large cities in real-time and can be used in minimizing the waiting time and risk of collision between unmanned vehicles in logistics centers and finding an optimal driving route. The scope of application is diverse, such as exploring the shortest ship route considering seawater flow and wind direction, and financial portfolio optimization projects that design the best investment products by closely analyzing returns and risks.

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