Dongsung Finetec selected for state project to develop insulation materials for liquid hydrogen storage containers

By Lim Chang-won Posted : December 13, 2021, 18:02 Updated : December 13, 2021, 18:02

[Courtesy of Dongsung Finetec]

SEOUL -- Dongsung Finetec, a leading producer of ultra low-temperature cold insulation materials, has been selected for a state project to develop cryogenic insulation materials for liquid hydrogen storage containers for commercial vehicles powered by fuel cells.

Hydrogen is extremely flammable when it is mixed with very small amounts of air. The liquefaction of hydrogen requires cooling to a temperature of minus 253 degrees Celsius and subsequent storage in cryogenic containers. The advantage of liquefied hydrogen is its high density compared to compressed gas, which means that more energy can be contained in a given volume for easy transportation. 

 Liquid hydrogen is essential in a government campaign to expand the use of fuel cells. Dongsung Finetec and ABS, a U.S. classification society, have jointly developed a fuel tank for liquefied hydrogen. If technology development is successful, Dongsung Finetec said it can be used for ships. In September, South Korea's Hyundai shipbuilding group launched a joint project to develop a liquefied hydrogen fuel tank for ships. 
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