Hyundai Wia works with university research team to commercialize slotless motor using assembly block coils

By Lim Chang-won Posted : February 23, 2022, 13:46 Updated : February 23, 2022, 13:46

[Courtesy of Hyundai Wia]

SEOUL -- Hyundai Wia, a parts-making unit of South Korea's Hyundai auto group, tied up with a university research team to develop and commercialize a slotless motor using assembly block coils with a maximum output of 10 kilowatts and apply it to cooperative robots, parking robots and logistics robots under development.

Slotless motors do not have steel teeth on the stator. Instead of teeth to support windings, the stator lamination is constructed of steel rings stacked together with copper coils mounted to them and then encapsulated. As a result, coils are positioned in the gap between the stator lamination and rotor magnets. Slotless motors have low core losses at high speeds.

 Hyundai Wia said it has signed a business agreement with a Hanyang University research team led by Lee Ju, a professor of electrical engineering who has developed a block coil motor that removed slots between bundles of coils. The company will consider applying block coil motors to integrated heat management systems and e-axles, a cost-attractive electric drive solution that integrates an electric motor, power electronics and transmission in a unit. 

The spotless motor to be developed will be able to produce the same output even though it is 16 percent smaller than a conventional motor, Hyundai Wia said, adding it will be easy to create cooperative robots and improve vibration and noise performance as well as responsiveness.

"We will secure technological competitiveness in future mobility and robots," an unnamed Hyundai Wia official said in a statement on February 23. "Not just technology, but we will mass-produce and apply it to various products afterward so that we can release products that meet global standards in future mobility parts and robot markets."

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