LG Electronics jumps into logistics robot market in cooperation with CJ Logistics

By Lim Chang-won Posted : June 15, 2022, 10:46 Updated : June 15, 2022, 10:46

[Courtesy of LG Electronics ]

SEOUL -- Based on its service robot solution know-how and autonomous driving technology accumulated in hotels, hospitals, and restaurants, LG Electronics jumped into the logistics robot market in cooperation with CJ Logistics, a major logistics company that has used artificial intelligence, big data and robots for digital transformation.  

The two companies would push for the joint development of an order picking system based on autonomous driving robots, establish optimized robot operation processes for each logistics base, and expand the application of robot solutions in logistics centers. 

LG Electronics will start supplying solutions that control multiple robots and link its logistics robot called "CLOi CarryBot" to facilities at a CJ Logistics base. CarryBot is an autonomous mobile robot specialized in loading goods and transporting them to destinations.
Advanced control technologies such as artificial intelligence-based autonomous driving, high-speed communication for interaction between robots, and big data processing that collects surrounding information are required to control logistics robots. "Logistics robots require advanced technology ranging from artificial intelligence to 5G communication to efficiently control multiple robots at the same time," LG's business solutions division head Jang Ik-hwan said in a statement on June 15.

LG Electronics said it would focus on building logistics solutions across the last-mile delivery that delivers ordered products from logistics hubs to consumers. In July 2021, the company unveiled a four-wheeled delivery robot that can adjust the gap between its wheels, actively responds to terrain changes and moves in an optimized driving mode.
CJ Logistics has been selected for a state project to develop an unmanned working system that would ease hard and repetitive manual work at courier service companies. Robots will be utilized to develop a system that automatically unloads and transports cargo piled up in a scattered form in transport vehicles as well as a robot palletizing system that categorizes randomly supplied boxes.
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