SK ecoplant works with AWS to develop eco-friendly digital solutions for environmental businesses

By Lim Chang-won Posted : June 22, 2022, 14:53 Updated : June 22, 2022, 14:53

[Courtesy of SK ecoplant]

SEOUL -- By utilizing Amazon Web Services' cloud technology and infrastructure, SK ecoplant, a unit of South Korea's SK Group, will develop eco-friendly digital solutions and data platforms to advance environmental businesses.

SK ecoplant said it has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides cloud computing services, to cooperate in solving sustainability challenges such as reducing waste and improving recycling rates. Digital solutions will be built in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service) so that anyone can easily use them.

The goal is to implement the so-called Zero City, a circular environment model that implements zero carbon and zero waste, solves environmental and energy challenges by utilizing cloud technology, and contributes to recycling waste and reducing carbon dioxide. 

"The environmental industry we are pursuing is a new energy business in the circular economy, not a simple waste management business that seeks short-term profits," SK ecoplant CEO Park Kyung-il said in a statement on June 22. He said his company would try to develop incinerators as power plants and waste treatment facilities as hydrogen production facilities using methane gas.

SK ecoplant and AWS have developed an artificial intelligence-based solution that increases the operational efficiency of waste incinerators and reduces pollutant emissions. They are also working together to develop algorithms for predicting waste heat generation and digital solutions for carbon reduction in wastewater treatment facilities.

SK ecoplant has actively promoted eco-friendly businesses. In May 2022, the company secured a 30 percent stake in Cenviro, a waste management service provider in Malaysia, to secure its foothold in Southeast Asia. Waste management includes the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste.
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