POSCO pushes for low-carbon HBI production with Brazilian partner Vale

By Lim Chang-won Posted : August 2, 2022, 15:31 Updated : August 2, 2022, 15:31

[Courtesy of POSCO]

SEOUL -- South Korea's steel group, POSCO, will push for the production of low-carbon hot briquetted irons in cooperation with its long-term partner, Vale S.A., a major iron ore miner in Brazil. By the end of 2022, they would complete basic reviews such as location, size, production method, and economic viability.

The hot briquetted iron (HBI) is a compacted form of direct reduced iron produced from the direct reduction of iron ore into metallic iron by a reducing gas or elemental carbon produced from natural gas or coal.  HBI is manufactured without carbon dioxide emissions by using hydrogen as a reducing agent. 

POSCO said it has a joint research agreement with Vale at its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro to promote low-carbon HBI production. 
POSCO and Vale have conducted joint research on ways to use low-carbon raw materials.

We will take the lead in realizing carbon neutrality and seek ways to secure the stable supply of HBI with Vale," Lee Ju-tae, head of POSCO's purchasing and investment division, said in a statement on August 2. In March 2022, POSCO and its Australian partner, Hancock, discussed the establishment of a new plant to produce low-carbon HBI by using hydrogen as a reducing agent
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