SK chemicals work with domestic company to develop toothbrush using chemically recycled material

By Lim Chang-won Posted : September 6, 2022, 10:07 Updated : September 6, 2022, 10:07

[Courtesy of SK chemicals]

SEOUL -- In an effort to expand its green chemical business, SK chemicals has partnered with a domestic company to develop a toothbrush brand using raw materials produced through chemical recycling that breaks down and returns plastic to its pure, raw material form. KNK, a toothbrush company, is to release a new eco-friendly brand in January 2023. 

It would be the first green design project of SK chemicals' business platform for a recycled plastic circulation ecosystem that connects producers, partners, and brands online. SK chemicals provides a material experience kit made of its sustainable packing solution material to brand companies. Sustainable packaging is any type of eco-friendly material used to wrap, store, ship or shelve products. 

SK chemicals, a unit of SK Group, is developing various eco-friendly products in cooperation with domestic companies which have molding and production expertise. "We will continue to make efforts to revitalize a plastic circulation ecosystem," SK chemicals' new business development head Jung Jae-joon said in a statement on September 6. 

SK chemicals and KNK would resolve the inconvenience of existing eco-friendly toothbrush materials and increase consumer satisfaction. "We will try to lead the market by creating our own brand with chemical recycle materials." KNK head Kang Ki-tae was quoted as saying.

Chemical recycling is an attractive way to address the explosive growth of plastic waste and disposal problems. SK chemicals has commercialized chemical recycle copolyesters that can be used for cosmetic containers, blister packaging, and decorative sheets.

SK chemicals has expanded a lineup of chemically recycled products including ECOTRIA CR, a copolyester brand that materializes functional characteristics unique to copolyesters. In May 2022, the company completed a production line for PO3G (Polyoxytrimethylene Glycol), a polymer derived from biological raw materials, using fermented corn. The new material brand-named "Ecotrion" offers long durability. PO3G products would be mainly used for materials that require elasticity, such as polyurethane and spandex. 

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