HL Mando partners with Israel's Argus to establish cyber hacking monitoring system

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : September 20, 2022, 11:08 Updated : September 20, 2022, 17:50

[Courtesy of HL Mando]

SEOUL -- HL Mando, an autonomous driving solution developer in South Korea, partnered with Argus, an Israeli automotive cyber security company, to establish a system that can monitor cyber hacking. Due to the nature of autonomous vehicles that exchange signals over the vehicle network, security threats such as hacking should be blocked in advance.
HL Mando produces automotive electrification parts such as steering and brake parts. The autonomous driving function of the steering and braking system sends and receives signals on the vehicle network. Direct and indirect communication with drivers is mainly done through smart devices.
To prevent security threats such as hacking, HL Mando will build a cyber hacking monitoring system using Argus’ high-tech defense technology. "The hyper-connectivity of automobile systems is proving that we are entering the cyber car era. Through collaboration with Argus, we will create the safest autonomous driving electrification system that is protected from hacking threats," HL Mando CEO Cho Seong-hyeon said in a statement on September 20.
HL Mando said that the agreement with Argus would meet requirements for cybersecurity regulations for new vehicles adopted by WP.29, the United Nation's world forum committed to technical regulations applied to the automotive sector. The regulatory forum raises awareness about the safety of wheeled vehicles and parts. 
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