LG's information technology wing adopts blockchain-based staff identification cards

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : December 13, 2022, 15:57 Updated : December 14, 2022, 00:35

[Courtesy of LG CNS]

SEOUL -- LG CNS, the information technology wing of South Korea's LG Group, has adopted blockchain-based staff identification cards that allow employees to enter all rooms in their workplace and use amenities without bringing plastic cards to identify themselves. Users don't need to worry about leaks of their personal information as the solution prevents such risks using decentralized identification (DID) technology.
Unlike regular identification methods that store and manage various personal information including name, home address and contact information through one integrated system, DID enables identities to be verified without providing unnecessary information. Users can store their information on their mobile phones and present when necessary. Because each person hooked onto the DID network carries a virtual ledger that plays the role of an independent data node, it is extremely difficult to manipulate data.
LG CNS said in a statement on December 13 that its executives and staff members were allowed to use the ID card called "Ddidit TM." Without providing additional information, mobile ID card holders can get into a conference room just by showing their employee ID number. All products can be purchased at a cafeteria and a coffee shop inside the company using the solution. LG CNS will upgrade the ID card to provide other services such as certificate issuance and signing digital contracts.
Many blockchain-related services have been tested in a special demonstration zone in South Korea's southern port city of Busan. The city operates a blockchain-based integrated certification service app called "B Pass." It allows users to digitally carry ID cards and national certificates in a smartphone app. Users can take subway trains and city buses without using an additional transport card or other forms of payment.
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