Virtual model Lucy to promote fashion items through live commerce show

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : January 26, 2023, 14:27 Updated : July 3, 2024, 15:35

[Lucy's Instagram post]

SEOUL -- Lucy, a 29-year-old virtual model created by the home shopping channel of South Korea's conglomerate Lotte, will appear in online shopping shows for bags and accessories designed by Vivienne Westwood, a global fashion brand based in London. The virtual influencer with more than 105,000 followers will interact with viewers through a monthly live commerce show on YouTube.

Live commerce is a home shopping-like online service that enables two-way communication between shopping hosts and consumers. Viewers can freely communicate with hosts through video chatrooms. Show hosts sometimes offer special gifts for customers watching live shows to attract more viewers. The live-streaming service was adopted by South Korea's retail industry during the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020. Department stores and cosmetics companies carried out virtual shopping promotions to attract grounded shoppers.

Lucy was created by synthesizing a face with an image of a real person to work as a show host. She is a car designer who likes to try on various apparel items. While Lucy mostly wears professional attire at work, she posts pictures of herself in many casual and trendy fashion items after work. The digital model weighing 55 kilograms (121 pounds) is 171 centimeters (5'7.3") tall. In December 2022, the digital model made a debut as a live commerce show host by showcasing bags for an Italian fashion brand called "Miu Miu."
Lotte Homeshopping said in a statement that Lucy's live commerce show will be available on January 31. Unlike the previous live commerce content uploaded on Lotte Homeshopping's channel, Lucy will communicate with fans through her own channel. She will also provide styling guidelines. Various gifts will be given to consumers who leave comments during her live show.  
Many artificial humans are active as models and singers in South Korea. In July 2021, virtual influencer Rozy was selected as a model for Shinhan Life Insurance, an insurance wing of South Korea's major financial group Shinhan Financial. MAVE:, a virtual K-pop idol created by the metaverse wing of South Korea's leading game publisher Netmarble, released its debut album "Pandora Box" in January 2023. The music video for the five-member girl band's title song garnered about 800,000 views on YouTube only 20 hours after its release. 
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