Joint research team develops high-performance electrode for EV and smartphone batteries

By Park Sae-jin Posted : January 31, 2023, 16:32 Updated : January 31, 2023, 16:32

[Courtesy of KIMM]

SEOUL -- A  joint team of researchers has developed a high-performance electrode for lithium-ion batteries that are commonly used in smartphones, laptops, and electric vehicles. The newly-developed anode, which is the positively-charged electrode, can significantly increase the performance of devices and the lifespan of batteries.
Normally, lithium-ion batteries are produced by shaping the battery by coating and drying a mixture of active materials that chemically react to generate electricity, so that the slurry material can be evenly distributed over the electrode. The uniformity of the slurry mainly determines the performance of the battery. The thicker the electrode, the lower the energy density and uniformity.
The Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) said that a joint team that consisted of scientists from KIMM and Sungkyunkwan University developed a new bi-layered anode structure by applying groves on its surface to improve the ion conductivity and electrical conductivity of the electrode. The anode's energy density did not decrease when it was made into a thick rod shape.
KIMM researcher Hyun Seung-min said in a statement on January 31 that the newly-developed anode can improve both the performance and lifespan of batteries through its new structural design. Hyun added that the research team will continue to develop new battery technologies for electric vehicles (EVs) and robots with soft skin that require high energy density in high-power environments. 
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