KT to work with Intel for early introduction of WiFi 7 services

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : March 3, 2023, 17:35 Updated : March 3, 2023, 22:11

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SEOUL -- South Korea's major telecom company KT has partnered with U.S. technology giant Intel to demonstrate WiFi 7 technology, the next-generation wireless networking technology with faster speeds and lower latency than conventional standards. The two companies will also work to stabilize the solution's performance as it can be widely used in various sectors including virtual reality and teleconferencing.
Wi-Fi 7, which provides a speed of up to 11.5 gigabits per second (Gbps), can be used for delivering extremely high-quality videos, video conferencing services, and provide content for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) platforms. WiFi 7's data processing speed is more than twice as fast as the existing WiFi 6E. The new wireless networking technology is also capable of merging multiple WiFi frequencies and stably transmitting data in different WiFi environments.

At Mobile Mobile World Congress, an annual mobile device exhibition in Barcelona, KT and Intel displayed "GIGA WiFi Premium 7," a router that adopted WiFi 7, and a laptop with Intel's WiFi 7 solution. ​
KT said in a statement that the company will work with Intel to promote WiFi 7 technology and stabilize its performance. The South Korean telecom company aims to build new internet infrastructure through the early distribution of WiFi 7 services. According to KT, the international standard for the new Wi-Fi technology is projected to be established in early 2024.  
"With this collaboration with Intel, KT has a foundation to provide a perfect experience for WiFi 7 that will be applied by sharing KT's excellent WiFi development and operation expertise," KT's device business division head Kim Byung-gyun said in a statement on March 2.
"We truly value working with industry leaders like KT to be the first to demonstrate how WiFi 7 service providers and device manufacturers can partner together to deliver exceptional value and multi-gigabit connectivity to consumers and businesses alike," said Eric Mclaughlin, vice president of client computing group and general manager of wireless solutions group at Intel.
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