Netflix drama 'The Match' postponed amid police investigation into actor Yoo Ah-in's alleged drug use

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : March 28, 2023, 15:25 Updated : May 24, 2023, 21:15

[Aju News DB]

SEOUL -- "The Match," a Netflix drama about two professionals in "Go," a board game that had been popular for centuries in Korea, China, and Japan, was postponed while actor Yoo Ah-in is under investigation for alleged drug use. The prominent South Korean actor who played a Go legend on the show is currently being investigated on suspicion of taking drugs including propofol, a powerful anesthetic.
"I deeply regret that I am standing here because of an unsavory incident and disappointed many people who have loved me," Yoo told reporters after completing a 12-hour inquiry at a police agency in northern Seoul on March 27. The 36-year-old added that he hopes to live a healthier life through this experience.

The celebrity who gained popularity for playing various adolescent characters has been under investigation after a state health watchdog reported that he has been consistently using propofol since 2021. According to the police, Yoo has administered propofol 73 times from January 2021 to December 2021. Yoo has tested positive for three other drugs -- marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine.

Netflix said in a statement that two series starring Yoo -- "The Match" and "Goodbye Earth" -- were postponed. The two shows were set to release in 2023. The Match portrays a match between a Go master, played by actor Lee Byung-hun, and his student, played by Yoo. Goodbye Earth is about people going through various struggles just before the apocalypse.
Yoo has appeared in various successful films including "Veteran," a 2015 film where he garnered explosive popularity for playing a wealthy entrepreneur's son who frequently consumes drugs. He also played ill-fated Crown Prince Sado (1735~1762) who is known to have starved to death by his father King Yeongjo (1694~1776), in a historical film "The Throne."
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