'Korean Zombie' to headline UFC Singapore with former featherweight champion Max Holloway

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : June 16, 2023, 14:18 Updated : June 16, 2023, 15:52

[Courtesy of the Ultimate Fighting Championship]

SEOUL -- Jung Chan-sung, a South Korean fighter known by his ring name "The Korean Zombie," will headline a UFC event set to be held in Singapore in August with former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway. The former champion from the United States has earlier mentioned that he would like to challenge Jung, saying the South Korean athlete is the only notable fighter during his time he has not had a match yet.    
"I am pumped to announce our return to Singapore on August 26. The event will be headlined by two fan favorites as former featherweight champion and number two ranked contender Max Holloway faces The Korean Zombie," UFC President Dana White said on Instagram. Jung, 36, will face Holloway, 32, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in the island country's central region. Currently, Jung is ranked seventh while Holloway is ranked second in the featherweight division, which groups athletes between 136 pounds (61 kilograms) and 145 pounds.
Holloway has called for the match with Jung after beating British mixed martial artist Arnold Allen in the UFC event held in April. Jung accepted the challenge through his YouTube channel.
The Korean Zombie, who made his UFC debut in 2011, is one of the representative South Korean mixed martial artists with two title fights. The nickname of Jung comes from his zombie-like ability to continue to move forward and fight aggressively, even after taking heavy blows. However, he has not appeared in the UFC events since he was defeated by Australian fighter Alexander Volkanovski in the title match in April 2022. After losing the fight, Jung expressed his concern on a TV show about whether he should retire or maintain his career.
Holloway gained recognition in 2017 when he became the featherweight champion after beating Brazilian fighter José Aldo. In 2019, he lost the title belt to Volkanovski in 2019. Since then, the former champion has faced the Australian opponent twice more but lost all matches.
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