S. Korean TV channel operator to broadcast AI-produced variety show

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : July 4, 2023, 15:23 Updated : July 5, 2023, 00:45
Courtesy of MBC
[Courtesy of MBC]
SEOUL -- MBC, a major South Korean TV network that produced reality competition series Physical: 100, will showcase a variety show created by an artificial intelligence producer. After selecting human participants specializing in various fields such as the ones with enormous physical strength and survivor experts, the AI producer called "M-Phago" will host the show and edit videos. 
"Hi, I am an AI producer. I will be working on a variety show that would be directed, hosted, and edited by AI for the first time in South Korea. Welcome you all," M-Phago said in an official recruitment notice on July 4. The content titled "The Producer Has Disappeared" will also include participants with energetic vibes, instructors with strategic mindsets, and those with outstanding observation skills. The TV show is set to be on air in the first half of 2024. Anyone can apply to the program using a QR code. 
Without disclosing specific information about the content, MBC said the project plan for the reality show was made by various human producers including Yoon Kwon-soo who created Physical: 100. The competition show featuring physically fit contestants became the most watched content on Netflix's non-English chart in February 2023.

The name of MBC's AI producer paradises AlphaGo, an artificial intelligence designed by Google's AI team DeepMind. AlphaGo scored a 4-1 victory against Lee Se-dol, one of the world's best players in an ancient Chinese board game of Go.  

The adoption of AI is gaining momentum in South Korea's entertainment sector. Using AI music composition technology, Genie Music, the online music service wing of KT, has created the soundtrack for an audio drama by arranging "Same Pillow," a ballad song by Tei. In October 2020, Hayeon, a singer-songwriter known as the younger sister of Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, released her debut single titled "Eyes On You" through collaboration with AI composer EvoM.
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