Hanwha Ocean selected to lead construction of two 3600-ton class homemade frigates

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : July 14, 2023, 17:35 Updated : July 15, 2023, 14:25
Courtesy of Hanwha Ocean
[Courtesy of Hanwha Ocean]
SEOUL -- South Korea's arms procurement agency has selected, Hanwha Ocean, a major domestic shipbuilder, as the preferred bidder for the fifth and sixth ships of the 3600-ton class FFX Batch-III. An indoor manufacturing plant capable of simultaneously building two naval vessels would be used for the next-generation homemade naval ships.
Hanwha Ocean and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries had competed to win a bid for the fifth and sixth ships of FFX Batch-III. The construction of naval vessels with enhanced aircraft and submarine detection capabilities is part of South Korea's project to replace an aging fleet of corvettes and frigates.
Earlier this month, Hanwha Ocean announced that the company is thinking over a large-scale investment to establish an indoor factory that can build two naval vessels at the same time. Without being affected by hurricanes or heavy rain, the plant can help the ship maker complete the manufacturing process and deliver products within the scheduled delivery date. The factory would be equipped with two 300-ton-class cranes and a lighting device.
"We were selected as the preferred bidder for the FFX Batch-III project," Hanwha Ocean's public relations specialist Kim Sung-mi told Aju Korea Daily on July 14. The company said it aims to contribute to the South Korean Navy's self-defense capability through the construction project.

South Korea has strived to build frigates with upgraded war capacities following the sinking of its Pohang-class corvette, Cheonan, in March 2010, near a front-line island in the Yellow Sea that killed 46 seamen. International experts concluded that Cheonan had been sunk by a North Korean torpedo.
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