Online phishing attempts made using Coupang's official phone number

By Park Sae-jin Posted : October 4, 2023, 17:28 Updated : October 4, 2023, 17:28
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SEOUL -- Online phishing attempts were made using the official customer service phone number of Coupang, the South Korean counterpart of Amazon. The online commerce giant urged customers not to access the link provided through text messages.
Online phishing is carried out by disguising themselves as popular companies or organizations. Hackers demand personal information such as their bank account numbers and passwords by making them access fake websites or smartphone apps.
Hackers will use illegally obtained personal information to make credit card payments or withdraw money from bank accounts. Sometimes, hackers will impersonate a person based on obtained personal information to attract more victims. According to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Americans lost some $10.3 billion to internet scams in 2022.
Coupang said on October 4 that a text message showing the ecommerce giant's official phone number was sent out to random people. The message read that "Coupang Hyundai Travel Agency" was looking for remote home workers. "We would only accept applications from women," the message said, adding that the daily wage would be between 200,000 won ($147) to 300,000 won.
The online commerce giant said that the company filed a report to police and the state internet watchdog. The internet address link included in the text message was blocked to prevent further damage. Coupang said that anyone who receives a text message suspected of phishing should contact the police or the state internet watchdog. 
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