Korean Air partners with logistics company LX Pantos for bio-aviation fuel business

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : November 20, 2023, 17:15 Updated : November 20, 2023, 22:36
Courtesy of Korean Air
[Courtesy of Korean Air]
SEOUL -- Korean Air, South Korea's flag carrier, will work with domestic logistics company LX Pantos to beef up its bio-aviation fuel business. LX Pantos will buy biofuel for the flag carrier's cargo operation, and Korean Air will disclose how the partner company's purchase has contributed to reducing its carbon emissions.

Biofuel is created using plant-derived or animal-derived oils, such as cooking oil from fast-food restaurants or palm oil. Biodiesel, a highly acknowledged form of biofuel, is typically made of hydrocarbon materials extracted from biomass and diesel. Biofuels release considerably lower amounts of carbon dioxide compared to traditional fossil fuels.

Korean Air said the company partnered with LX Pantos to expand its bio-aviation fuel business. "Together, we hope to cooperate closely to expedite the commercialization of SAF (sustainable aviation fuel), a common goal in the aviation industry, and enhance awareness of SAF utilization in the Korean market," Korean Air's cargo business division head Eum Jae-dong said in a statement on November 20.

"LX Pantos will strengthen its ESG activities and take a leading role in creating a sustainable logistics environment through cooperation with Korean Air on SAF," said Oh Keun-taek, head of the air freight business unit at LX Pantos.  

Korean Air is currently carrying out the green aviation fuel project with GS Caltex, a major domestic oil refiner. A cargo flight powered by cooking oil-based fuel took off from South Korea's Incheon International Airport on September 5 and safely arrived in Los Angeles. A total of six cargo flights will be tested using bio-aviation fuel in 2023.
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