Deepbrain AI releases AI memorial solution to recreate deceased parents into AI humans

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : January 22, 2024, 19:58 Updated : January 22, 2024, 20:17
Courtesy of DeepBrain AI
[Courtesy of DeepBrain AI]
SEOUL -- South Korea's artificial intelligence solution company DeepBrain AI has released an AI memorial solution "Rememory 2" to bring together sorrow-stricken children and their deceased parents. AI parents, recreated based on their photo and a 10-second-long voice recording, can communicate with family members in real-time.  

Rememory 2 is the upgraded version of "Rememory," an AI memorial service launched in June 2022. The solution creates AI humans through three hours of filming and interviews. After capturing video of a human model, Rememory trains a machine learning system to generate an avatar with synchronized lip, mouth, and head movements. 

DeepBrain AI said on January 22 that the upgraded version of Rememory was launched. Unlike the previous version, Rememory 2 can generate AI humans even after they pass away only with a single photo and a 10-second-long audio clip. "We hope Rememory 2 will be used for many different occasions including funeral ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, and family gatherings," an unnamed DeepBrain AI official said in a statement.

The company aims to collaborate with memorial halls and funeral service operators across South Korea to expand Rememory 2. In August 2022, Deepbrain AI, partnered with Preedlife, a domestic funeral service provider, to offer Rememory.

South Korean companies have strived to transform the deceased into artificial humans. In a program launched by the production team of MBC, a major TV network, in 2020, a mother met with her daughter, who died of a rare incurable disease at the age of seven. Using virtual reality technology, the reunion took place in a park with memories of the mother and her daughter. 
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