AI developer Upstage to provide on-device AI technology for LG Electronics' laptop

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : February 6, 2024, 15:49 Updated : February 29, 2024, 14:01
Courtesy of LG Electronics
[Courtesy of LG Electronics]

SEOUL -- South Korean artificial intelligence technology developer Upstage will cooperate with LG Electronics in on-device generative artificial intelligence solution that processes and computes information locally within the device, without relying on external cloud resources. Upstage aims to provide service for the conglomerate's signature ultra-lightweight laptop brand "LG Gram."

An on-device software integrates AI functions into devices, removing the need for a separate internet connection. Upstage intends to develop on-device models that deliver services based on data stored on laptops, such as document search and content recommendation, and summarization of video conference content into text format.

Upstage said the company partnered with LG Electronics to develop an on-device AI-based language model for LG Gram. The two sides will also collaborate to extend on-device AI technology for home appliances. "Starting with the integration into LG Gram, we are committed to providing LG customers worldwide with top-notch AI functionalities across LG Electronics' home appliances," Upstage's vice president Choi Hong-jun said in a statement on February 6.

"We will target the next-generation AI laptop market based on our technological competitiveness in the AI field," said Gong Hyeok-jun, an IT customer experience official at LG Electronics. The tech giant has earlier showcased "LG Gram Pro," which incorporates Intel's neural processing unit (NPU) that handles AI-based computations without being connected to a network.

Upstage has presented many different AI solutions. In August 2023, the startup's AI model called "Solar" received the highest score on an international large language model scoreboard operated by Hugging Face, a New York City-based AI company. It has competed with some 500 models including GPT-3, a Chat GPT-based service. 
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