LG Chem to work with food company CJ Cheiljedang for eco-friendly nylon business

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : February 15, 2024, 17:39 Updated : February 18, 2024, 03:54

SEOUL -- South Korea's major chemical company LG Chem has partnered with CJ Cheiljedang, a key subsidiary of South Korea's food and entertainment giant CJ Group, to establish a joint plant for bio nylon. The eco-friendly nylon, utilized in automotive, electronic devices, and textile industries, has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Bio nylon is derived from green materials like corn and sugarcane and offers high heat resistance and durability, similar to nylon extracted from petroleum. Demand for bio nylon is consistently increasing among companies aiming to transition to a low-carbon business model. According to data released by LG Chem, global demand for bio nylon is projected to skyrocket to 1.4 million tons in 2028 from 400,000 tons in 2023.

LG Chem said it signed a conditional agreement with CJ Cheiljedang for the establishment of the joint bio nylon plant. CJ CheilJedang will incorporate a microbial precision fermentation technique to produce bio-based raw materials, and LG Chem's technology will polymerize them to produce bio nylon. Both parties aim to be the first South Korean companies to produce bio nylon, from raw materials to complete products.

"This agreement is significant in that it represents cooperation between leading companies in their respective fields towards the common goal of Net Zero,” LG Chem CEO Shin Hak-Cheol said in a statement on February 15. "LG Chem will continue to advance its plastics business using eco-friendly, low-carbon materials, thereby establishing itself as a leading company with pioneering leadership in the area of carbon reduction."
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