Kia reports 4.6% decrease in February sales

By Park Sae-jin Posted : March 4, 2024, 16:52 Updated : March 4, 2024, 17:51
Courtesy of Kia
[Courtesy of Kia]

SEOUL -- Kia announced that it sold a total of 242,656 units in February 2024, marking a 4.6 percent decline compared to the same month last year.

Domestically, Kia sold 44,076 units, while overseas sales amounted to 198,580 units this February. This reflects a 12. percent decrease domestically and a 2.8 percent decrease overseas compared to February 2023, resulting in an overall sales decline of 4.6 percent.

The drop in domestic sales is attributed to a decrease in working days due to last month's Lunar New Year holiday and the delayed confirmation of electric vehicle subsidies compared to the previous year. 

Among models, the Sportage emerged as the best-selling model with a combined total of 47,643 units sold domestically and overseas, followed by the Seltos with 25,425 units and the Sorento with 24,879 units. In the domestic market, the Sorento led sales with 8,671 units sold last month.

Passenger models such as Ray (3,972 units), K5 (2,970 units), and K8 (2,165 units) were the top performers, with a total of 11,753 units sold.

For recreational vehicle (RV) models, following the Sorento, Carnival sold 7,989 units, Sportage sold 6,991 units, and Seltos sold 3,967 units, totaling 29,078 units sold. Commercial vehicle sales, including Bongo, reached a total of 3,177 units.

In the overseas market, the Sportage was the best-selling model, with 46,652 units sold, followed by the Seltos with 21,458 units and the K3 (Forte) with 18,531 units.
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