Aussie whiskies will be sold in Korean convenience stores

By Na Jeong-ju Posted : March 6, 2024, 10:02 Updated : March 6, 2024, 10:02

Ned whiskies on shelves of a CU store Courtesy of CU
Ned whiskies on shelves of a CU store. [Courtesy of CU]

SEOUL -- South Korea's major convenience store chain, CU, announced the launch of "NED Whisky," a popular Australian brand, marking their entry into the affordable whisky market.

Last year, CU saw success with the exclusive launch of "Rulett Premium Whisky" from India, priced under $23. The limited-edition bottles sold out within a week, with even the additional import batch disappearing within a month, totaling 5,000 bottles sold. This highlights the growing demand for budget-friendly whiskies.

Capitalizing on this trend, CU is diversifying its whisky offerings by introducing Australian whiskies this month. The diverse climates across Australia contribute to unique flavor profiles, making Australian whiskies increasingly popular with global enthusiasts.

The first Australian whisky on CU's shelves is "NED Whisky," produced by the Top Shelf Distillery in Melbourne. The name "NED" pays homage to Ned Kelly, a historical figure known for his rebellion against British rule, reflecting the brand's aspiration to be a prominent Australian whisky.

CU is offering NED Whisky at a competitive price of 29,900 won, which is significantly lower than the Australian market price. This attractive price point aims to make the high-quality whisky accessible to a wider audience in its Korean debut.

A CU spokesperson commented, "The evolving drinking culture shows a clear consumer demand for new and affordable alcoholic beverages, particularly whiskies. We aim to continuously discover such products with excellent quality and reasonable prices to offer our customers exciting new experiences."
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