Virtual artist 'iaaa' performs debut song 'Our Season' at SXSW event in Texas

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : March 13, 2024, 18:03 Updated : July 3, 2024, 15:16
[Courtesy of Studio Meta-K]

SEOUL -- iaaa, a virtual artist created by South Korean content startup Studio Meta-K, was showcased at the South by Southwest (SXSW) event in Austin. The virtual human performed her debut song titled "Our Season" at the event designed to celebrate the fusion of various fields, including technology, film, music, and education. 

iaaa is a member of Studio Meta-K's virtual artist group "Season." She made her debut in February 2024 as a special host on "RE-ALIVE," a music program by South Korea's TV network JTBC. The 173-centimeter (5'8")-tall digital model, who is 21 years old, collaborated with entertainment agencies, including Big Ocean and Zanybros, for the production of Our Season's music video.

Studio Meta-K said iaaa performed Our Season on March 12 during the SXSW 2024. The company also released the teaser clip for her debut song. "Most companies related to virtual human production are facing difficulties in content development, as they focus solely on technological advancements," Studio Meta-K CEO Kim Kwang-Jib said, adding, "We need to progress towards the integration of technology and content intellectual property (IP)."

The adoption of artificial humans is gaining momentum in South Korea's entertainment scene. Reah Keem, a virtual musician created by LG Electronics, made her debut in January 2022 by signing an agreement with entertainment company Mystic Story. MAVE:, a virtual K-pop idol created by the metaverse wing of South Korea's leading game publisher Netmarble, dropped its debut album "Pandora Box" in January 2023. 
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