Seoul to adopt 'tagless' toll gate system at subway stations in 2025

By Park Sae-jin Posted : March 18, 2024, 11:17 Updated : March 18, 2024, 11:17
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SEOUL -- Seoul will adopt a "tagless" toll gate system at subway stations to solve congestion caused by the huge floating population at toll gates during commuting hours. Seoul Metro, the operator of the capital city's subway train system, predicts the walk-through gates will help people save time.

Currently, Seoul Metro only allows passengers with public transport plastic cards or credit cards with a near-field communication (NFC) public transport payment feature to pass through toll gates. Cards are tagged when people enter and exit the train platform.

Fares are calculated automatically and deducted from deposited money or added to monthly credit card bills. Those without a public transport card can pay a deposit of 500 won ($0.37) to purchase a single-use card. It is common to see people standing in long lines at subway toll gates during commuting hours, waiting for their turn to tag their transport card.

According to Seoul Metro, the subway train system operator is planning to deploy the smart toll gate system by the end of 2025. "We anticipate that the tagless toll gate system to help solve moving population congestion problems around subway toll gates during commuting hours," a Seoul Metro official told Aju Korea Daily on March 18.

In 2023, Seoul demonstrated the toll gates of the Ui Light Rapid Transport (LRT) line, known as the Ui-Sinseol light metro line, which stretches across 11.4 kilometers (seven miles) in northern Seoul. The Ui LRT line uses smaller subway train carts to carry commuters.

Although the official did not disclose details about the results of the demonstrations, he said that anyone can easily use the tagless toll gate system: "The gate communicates with passengers' phones via Bluetooth. You can just walk through the gate and the fare is charged."

The tagless toll gate system is widely tested across Seoul and its metropolitan area. In 2023, the western port city of Incheon demonstrated smart toll gate systems at selected stations. Incheon plans to increase the number of subway stations featuring tagless gates in the first half of 2025.
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