LS Cable embarks on construction of plant for new copper foil material

By Park Sae-jin Posted : March 25, 2024, 17:19 Updated : March 25, 2024, 17:19
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SEOUL, March 25 (AJU PRESS) -- South Korea's major cable maker LS Cable & System has embarked on a journey to build a new plant for the mass production of a new copper foil material. The cable maker said that the new material is made with copper flakes instead of wires, to reduce the production process and costs.

Copper foils are mainly used for the production of high-performance batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Copper foils are applied to batteries as current collectors thanks to their excellent conductivity.

LS Cable & Systems said on Monday that the company's subsidiary Korea Future Materials partnered with North Jeolla Province and the southwestern port city of Gunsan to cooperate in the investment and construction of a copper foil plant that is about the size of a football field in an industrial complex.

The plant, scheduled to be operational by December 2024, will produce "CuFlake," the new copper foil material developed by LS Cable. According to the cable maker, CuFlake, made with copper flakes, does not require cutting and washing processes during its production phase, allowing for reduced manufacturing costs and procedures.

"We will be able to establish a stable supply chain for a high-quality copper foil material through the construction of the Gunsan plant," Korea Future Materials CEO Lee Sang-ho said in a statement, adding the LS Cable subsidiary will continue to expand its business scope to cover the production of environmentally-friendly components such as rare-earth magnets and aluminum parts for electric vehicles.
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