S. Korean fruit-flavored jelly becomes bestseller in Viet Nam

By Park Sae-jin Posted : April 4, 2024, 10:53 Updated : April 4, 2024, 10:53
Courtesy of Orion
[Courtesy of Orion]

SEOUL, April 04 (AJU PRESS) - "Boom Jelly," a fruit-flavored jelly series produced by South Korean confectionery maker Orion, has become Viet Nam's favorite jelly product, thanks to the company's know-how of creating chewy jelly products that do not easily melt or go bad in hot weather.

The major South Korean confectionery maker raised more than 130 billion won ($96.5 million) in global sales in 2023, up 56 percent compared to a year ago. China was Orion's biggest market for Boom Jelly, originally known as "My Gummy," (64 percent), followed by South Korea (26 percent) and Viet Nam (10 percent).

My Gummy was South Korea's first gelatine-based jelly product released in 1992. It soon became an iconic confectionary for its real fruit flavors and unique chewy texture. The fruit jelly raised domestic sales of 25 billion won in the first year of release. Orion's best-selling jelly product series has more than a dozen flavors including the original grape flavor and orange flavor.

Orion said on Thursday that the annual sales growth rate in Viet Nam and home increased to 33 percent in 2023, thanks to the company's unique production technique that boosts real fruit flavor and prevents jelly pieces from bonding together inside a product packaging.

"Through 30 years of product development and manufacturing know-how, we were able to satisfy the eyes and mouths of our customers, incubating My Gummy to become Orion's ninth best-selling product lineup," an Orion official said.

Orion recorded a 66 percent market share in Viet Nam's confectionery market in 2022 thanks to Choco Pie, a palm-sized chocolate-covered cake with a marshmallow filling, according to the global market analyst Nielsen.
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