Hyundai Mobis to demonstrate urban operation of level 4 fully autonomous vehicles

By Park Sae-jin Posted : April 16, 2024, 14:53 Updated : April 16, 2024, 14:55
Courtesy of Hyundai Mobis
A level 4 autonomous vehicle developed by Hyundai Mobis runs on a road in the western port city of Incheon. Courtesy of Hyundai Mobis

SEOUL, April 16 (AJU PRESS) - Korea's leading car parts manufacturer, Hyundai Mobis, is set to kick-start a demonstration of level 4 fully autonomous vehicles designed to operate without human drivers. The test drive, scheduled for late April, will cover a distance of 60 kilometers (37 miles) along a route in the bustling western port city of Incheon.

Distinguished from level 1, 2, and 3 autonomous vehicles, which require human drivers, level 4 self-driving cars can autonomously handle most urban driving scenarios, including navigating through busy streets with construction areas and reacting to pedestrians. However, they still require a human driver on standby for intervention if necessary.

Hyundai Mobis said on Monday that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Incheon City, Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority, and Incheon Techno Park, a technology and science incubation complex in western Incheon. The car parts maker and its partners will collaborate to jointly launch a demonstration project for autonomous vehicles. Without disclosing an exact date, Hyundai Mobis said the demonstration will begin in late April. 

During the demonstration, Hyundai Mobis will partner with approximately 20 startups and research institutes to gather crucial data and accelerate the development and commercialization of a level 4 autonomous vehicle platform.
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