Korea's largest nuclear energy expo to take place in Busan

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : April 19, 2024, 16:52 Updated : April 20, 2024, 00:57
The Hanul Nuclear Power Site in the eastern town of Uljin Courtesy of
The Hanul Nuclear Power Site in the eastern county of Uljin. Courtesy of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
SEOUL, April 19 (AJU PRESS) - The "International Nuclear Energy Expo 2024," the largest nuclear power exhibition in Korea featuring 100 global companies will kick off in the southern port city of Busan for three days starting on April 24th. Exhibitors will focus on presenting solutions related to small modular reactors, which are claimed to be smaller and safer than conventional reactors.

The nuclear energy expo will take place in BEXCO, a convention center in eastern Busan, the southern port city announced. Along with major Korean firms like Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, foreign nuclear power firms, such as the United States' Westinghouse Electric Company and France-based Orano, will participate in the event.

Busan City will collaborate with the Korea Atomic Industrial Forum to host the event. A consulting booth will be set up, allowing Korean small and medium-sized enterprises to showcase their technologies to buyers from seven countries -- Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, the Czech Republic, Spain, and the UAE.

"We hope to share the latest technologies and trends in the nuclear power industry, including SMRs, with nuclear stakeholders from Korea and around the world," Busan Mayor Park Heong-jun said in a statement. 
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