Dongwon F&B, Konkuk University join hands to develop safe pet food

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : April 29, 2024, 16:33 Updated : April 29, 2024, 16:33
Getty Images Bank
Getty Images Bank
SEOUL, April 29 (AJU PRESS) - Dongwon F&B has signed an agreement with the veterinary medicine department of Konkuk University for the development of safe and reliable pet food, the Korean food company said Monday.

Under the deal, the two sides will jointly research and develop food for dogs and cats and work together to ensure safety.

"Amid growing consumer concerns about some pet foods, establishing this strategic partnership with Konkuk University's veterinary medicine department holds great significance as they possess expertise and credibility in the pet industry," Dongwon F&B said in a press release.

Dongwon runs pet food brand Nutri Plan. The company has exported more than 600 million cans of cat food to Japan over the past 30 years.

Korea's pet care market reached $2.45 billion in 2023, marking a 5.6 percent increase from the previous year, according to data released by market analyst firm Euromonitor.

Since March, nearly 60 cats in Korea have died from a mysterious illness, sparking concern among pet owners. The outbreak, suspected to be connected to local cat foods, has resulted in more than 150 reported cases. The Korean Veterinary Medical Association is investigating the cases to identify the cause of the disease.
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