Korean parents with infant have only 2.7 hours of daily free time, survey finds

By Park Sae-jin Posted : May 16, 2024, 17:45 Updated : May 17, 2024, 15:29
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SEOUL, May 16 (AJU PRESS) - Korean parents with a child under the age of three have the least amount of daily free time, averaging about 2.7 hours, according to a survey released Thursday. In contrast, young people in their 20s have the most, averaging 4.85 hours.

Research firm Consumer Insight conducted the survey of 26,000 Korean adults and found that parents with an infant child had an average of just 2.69 hours of free time per day. The average daily spare time for all groups was 3.86 hours.

Free leisure time is defined as time not spent on house chores, commuting, or work.

Consumer Insight pointed out that parents in their 30s and 40s with an infant child have the least amount of daily free time, which could contribute to Korea's low marriage and fertility rates.

In 2023, Korea's marriage rate dropped to 3.8 cases per 1,000 people, down 152 percent from 9.6 cases in 1992. The fertility rate also dropped to 0.72 in 2023, down 70 percent from 1.23 in 2010.

The findings of the survey revealed that people in their 30s and 40s with young children, the backbone of Korea, suffer from a severe lack of free leisure time more than any other group.

"This could be a major reason behind the widespread reluctance towards marriage and childbirth, which is a growing concern for Korean society," the researcher said. 
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