SNU student arrested for distributing explicit images using faces of female classmates

By Park Sae-jin Posted : May 21, 2024, 10:36 Updated : May 21, 2024, 11:03
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[Getty Images Bank]

SEOUL, May 21 (AJU PRESS) - A 40-year-old student from Seoul National University (SNU) has been arrested for creating and distributing explicit images and videos using the faces of his female classmates, police said Tuesday.

The suspect, identified only by his surname Park, was detained on charges of doctoring explicit images and sharing them through a group chat room on Telegram. Two other SNU students were also arrested on the same allegation.

Authorities said that Park collected images of his female SNU classmates from social media and used them to create explicit images and videos. Victims claimed that Park and his accomplices engaged in these illicit activities for over three years. The case was handed over to prosecutors two years after the initial report.

Police said they are expanding their investigation, suspecting that there may be more individuals involved.

The incident has shocked many people, as SNU is one of the top universities in Korea, and its students are recognized as elites. The SNU case has some similarities to the notorious criminal case of "Nth Room" that rattled Korea in 2020, when operators of a smartphone messenger app channel were arrested for filming and sharing around 2,000 illegally recorded sexual videos of ordinary people, including minors.

More than 30,000 paid subscribers used the illegal channel. Two main operators, identified as Moon Hyung-wook and Cho Ju-bin, were sentenced to 34 years and 42 years and four months in prison, respectively.
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