New Zealand cleantech startups hold investor blitz in Seoul

By Park Sae-jin Posted : May 30, 2024, 15:14 Updated : May 30, 2024, 15:17
AJU PRESS Park Kyung-ah
AJU PRESS Park Kyung-ah

SEOUL, May 30 (AJU PRESS) - About a dozen New Zealand startups participated in an event to promote clean technologies and ecofriendly businesses held in central Seoul on Thursday.

The event, under the name of "New Zealand ESG Business Demo Day," was hosted by the Asia New Zealand Foundation and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE). It aimed to create opportunities for New Zealand companies in the field of ESG to make inroads into the Korean market and establish networks with their Korean counterparts.

"The event is designed to foster collaboration between New Zealand and Korean businesses," said Park Jeong-yob, the acting trade commissioner at NZTE's Seoul office.

Addressing to the attendees, Park said that the Kiwi firms would be able to "build partnerships with Korean players," providing Korean counterparts with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of New Zealand's commitment to sustainability and innovative capabilities in tackling future challenges.

Among the 11 participating companies, seven were selected and funded by the Asia New Zealand Foundation. These funded companies include clean energy company Alimentary Systems, electric vessel propulsion system developer Naut Ltd., low carbon emission mineral refining tech firm Aspiring Materials, cultivated meat company Opo Bio, electronic device and battery recycling specialist Upcycle Ltd., carbon-zero concrete maker Neocrete, and long-duration energy storage solutions developer EnergyBank Ltd.

The rest are NZTE's delegates -- biographite maker CabonScape Ltd., precious metal recovery system operator Mint Innovation, plastic recycling company NILO, and lithium brine technology developer Zealandez.
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