UAE Embassy in Seoul offers AI-assisted consular service

By Im Yoon-seo Posted : June 4, 2024, 13:59 Updated : June 4, 2024, 14:00
UAE embassys smart consular service is being showcased at the UAE Embassy in Seoul on May 31st 2024 Yonhap
An official demonstrates an artificial intelligence-assisted service at the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Seoul, in this undated photo. Yonhap

SEOUL, June 4 (AJU PRESS) - The United Arab Emirates Embassy in Seoul has embraced artificial intelligence (AI) for visa issuance and other consular services, becoming the world's first embassy to do so.

The embassy said last week that the AI-assisted services using facial recognition and hologram technologies will allow UAE nationals or other applicants to easily apply for visas and submit required documents through an AI-powered platform.

The services are part of the UAE government's "Smart Mission" project, aimed at enhancing consular services for its nationals abroad and also facilitating emergency assistance, the embassy explained.

Even in the absence of embassy staff, applicants can engage in real-time communications with an AI-powered hologram image which can provide instant responses to queries in three different languages such as Arabic, English and Korean.

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