Toxic substances found in products sold on AliExpress, Temu

By Candice Kim Posted : June 14, 2024, 15:50 Updated : June 14, 2024, 15:52
AliExpress Yonhap
This photo shows the AliExpress logo. Yonhap
SEOUL, June 14 (AJU PRESS) - An investigation by the Korea Consumer Agency has revealed alarming levels of heavy metals, phthalates and other hazardous substances in various products sold on the popular overseas direct-buying platforms AliExpress, Temu and Qoo10.

The semi-government watchdog said Friday that of 88 products examined, including cosmetics, children's toys and motorcycle helmets, 27 items, or 30.7 percent, failed domestic safety standards.

Excessive lead 65 times over the limit was detected in an eye shadow palette sold on AliExpress. A swimming tube sold on Temu contained phthalates 295 times above the permissible level and cadmium over 3 times the cap.

Eight out of 10 motorcycle helmets from AliExpress and Qoo10 showed no impact absorption capability whatsoever, posing serious injury risks. Prohibited preservatives were identified in three liquid children's toys.

Hazardous compounds like chromium, a carcinogen, and red tar dyes linked to growth defects and liver abnormalities in animal studies, were also found in some cosmetic products. One lipgloss contained excessive levels of Red 2 and 102 tar colorants. Three cosmetics lacked expiration dates, with one having already exceeded the three-year limit.

AliExpress and Temu are Chinese e-commerce platforms while Qoo10 is based in Singapore.

While AliExpress and Temu pledged to immediately block sales of the noncompliant items per a self-regulation pact, the findings raise concerns over product safety monitoring on cross-border e-commerce platforms.
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