Samsung refrigerator boosts energy efficiency with AI, chip technologies

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : June 20, 2024, 16:23 Updated : June 20, 2024, 17:32
Courtesy of Samsung Electronics
Wee Hoon, a Samsung Electronics vice president, explains the energy efficiency of Bespoke AI Hybrid Refrigerator during a media briefing at the company's building in Seoul on June 20, 2024. Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

SEOUL, June 20 (AJU PRESS) - Samsung Electronics said Thursday its new Bespoke AI Hybrid Refrigerator increases energy efficiency by up to 30 percent compared to conventional models, thanks to the adoption of artificial intelligence and semiconductor technologies.

The refrigerator, released in March, adopts a hybrid cooling system that integrates a semiconductor device called Peltier with the conventional compressor. Both operate together to improve cooling energy efficiency.

The product also features an AI-saving mode algorithm capable of optimizing operation by distinguishing between simple door openings and situations requiring maximum cooling.

Samsung said this enhancement increases energy efficiency by 30 percent compared to the industry’s top-level products, potentially saving users 28,000 won ($20.2) annually on electricity bills.

This undated photo shows Samsungs Bespoke AI Hybrid Refrigerators Courtesy of Samsung Electronics
This undated photo shows Samsung's Bespoke AI Hybrid Refrigerators. Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

"We will continue to showcase various home appliances that incorporate Samsung's innovative technologies to make consumers' daily lives more convenient," said Samsung Electronics Vice President Wee Hoon during a press conference.

The refrigerator operates on the principle where the semiconductor device absorbs heat on one side and releases it on the opposite side when current flows through two different semiconductors. Under typical conditions, the product primarily relies on the compressor alone to maintain consistent energy consumption. However, during high-demand situations, such as when large quantities of food are stored, the Peltier device operates alongside the compressor to efficiently cool the refrigerator.

By using an AI system, the Samsung refrigerator can also predict future temperatures based on current data and adjust the compressor speed accordingly. This feature contrasts with traditional models, where opening the door increases the compressor speed and consumes unnecessary energy.
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