Game developer vows action against NewJeans character harassment

By Kim Dong-young Posted : June 21, 2024, 14:36 Updated : June 21, 2024, 17:10
A pictorial of the K-Pop girl group NewJeans in collaboration with PUBG Battlegrounds started from June 12 2024
A pictorial of the K-Pop girl group NewJeans released by Krafton. Courtesy of Krafton 

SEOUL, June 21 (AJU PRESS) - ADOR, the agency behind the K-pop girl group NewJeans, and Krafton, the developer of the video game "PUBG: Battlegrounds," have warned of stern actions in response to incidents of sexual harassment targeting in-game characters based on the band members.

Krafton, in collaboration with ADOR, released an update to the popular battle royale game on June 12, featuring NewJeans-themed content and items. While playing the game, some users recently created and shared inappropriate content, including characters dressed in revealing outfits.

"We will actively address inappropriate content by enforcing user sanctions and removing such posts," the two companies stated in a joint announcement issued on Thursday.

The companies apologized to fans and pledged efforts to protect artists and foster a healthy, positive community culture.

"We proceeded with this collaboration under an agreement that in-game costumes would not exceed the level of stage outfits, in line with the game's 15+ rating," they said.
"However, we acknowledge our shortcoming in not sufficiently anticipating the possibility of some users' inappropriate behavior undermining the intended purpose."
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