Emart discounts pork belly amid consumer outrage over price hikes

By Candice Kim Posted : June 21, 2024, 16:59 Updated : June 21, 2024, 16:59
Pork belly at a local mart Yonhap
Pork belly at a local mart. Yonhap

SEOUL, June 21 (AJU PRESS) - Amid consumer outrage over recent spikes in the prices of samgyeopsal (pork belly), Emart, a leading South Korean retailer, announced a promotion involving a sharp price cut on the meat on Friday.

The campaign, running until July 7, offers discounts of up to 40 percent on a total of 500 tons of pork products. 

From Friday to June 30, domestic refrigerated pork belly and neck meat will be available at 1,000 won ($0.77) less than regular prices, bringing costs down to the late 1,000 won range per 100 grams.

Beginning July 1, the promotion will extend to premium options, including antibiotic-free and animal welfare-certified brands, as well as imported fresh and frozen cuts. 

The campaign follows the Korea Consumer Agency’s announcement on June 11 that the average price of samgyeopsal at Seoul restaurants exceeded 20,000 won ($15.40) per 200 grams in May for the first time.

“This promotion was organized to stabilize the price of pork belly, and we will continue to plan diverse campaigns to ease the financial burden on customers," Moon Joo-seok, Emart's livestock team leader, said.

Emart said that from July 1-4, shoppers can enjoy further savings on branded pork belly and shoulder meat receiving a 40 percent discount when using Shinsegae loyalty points.

Additional deals feature Spanish frozen pork belly at around 8,000 won ($6) per kilogram from July 1-7. The following week, July 5-7, will see imported chilled pork from Canada and the United States offered at early 1,000 won levels per 100 grams with point accumulation.
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